Martin Lester Kites

The pictures show production versions in most cases (colours may vary), however I can do custom versions to order - a Scuba Diver in your own wetsuit, Legs and Top Half in your team colours. I endeavour to keep the more popular kites in stock and try to turn most orders round within a month.


Scuba Diver In wetsuit, complete with aqualung and fins, and pursued by a shark drogue.

3D wind inflated kites without frame – no assembly. All these kites are true kites – they fly by themselves and do not need a pilot or lifter kite to keep them in the air.
Size: 0.90m x 4.20m.
WR: force 3 – 5
Price: £295

Size: 1.80m x 8.40m.
WR: force 3 – 5
Price: £1180

Size: 2.70m x 17.00m
WR: force 3 – 5
Price: £2010

I have recently updated all the framed kites – replacing the original wooden frames with carbon fibre rod or tube for extra strength and lightness. I’ve also started using a lighter ripstop nylon which decreases the weight of the kites significantly – especially the larger ones. This increases the wind range they will fly in and of course helps with your luggage allowance when you are travelling!

The first one I designed was the Legs kite – it was originally made in response to a joke advert that would take too long to explain here – followed a few years later by the Top Half.

Finally I put the two pieces together and created the Scuba Diver. This was followed by a couple of variations on the theme of the full body – now known as Albert Ross – the Flying Man, in sweatshirt and jeans, and the Spirit, a more abstract version with superb light wind performance. Each of these kites is made in three sizes – standard, midi and big, though I have made the Legs and Top Half in Mega size as well!

I endeavour to keep the standard sizes in stock and make the midi and large sizes to order – allowing for some customisation with regard to colour and design.